(for pups from 8 weeks of age)

Development of skeleton and joints:
PrimeVal Puppy Gelatinaat ® is a special variation of PrimeVal
Gelatinaat®. It especially supports a sound development of the puppy's skeleton.

The skeleton of the pup develops strongly during the pregnancy and first year of its life. Especially with the bigger, faster growing breeds there is the possibility of skeletal deviations and disorders in the development from cartilage to bone. For the smaller breeds too it is important that they have adequate nutrition for their musculoskeletal system.

PrimeVal Puppy Gelatinaat® contains these important natural building blocks for the skeleton and cartilage.

A lovely coat:
PrimeVal Puppy Gelatinaat® encourages a shiny and supple coat.

Without Calcium:
Puppies require different nutrition requirements than adult dogs. For that reason that PrimeVal Puppy Gelatinaat has a different composition without calcium, magnesium and iron.

More information:
There is a folder available about PrimeVal Puppy Gelatinaat® for more information.

A revolutionary supplement in combating osteochondrosis and arthrosis in young dogs.

PrimeVal Puppy Gelatinaat®

Lots of pups, especially the large, fast growing breeds, run the risk of developing skeletal abnormalities (hip - and elbow dysplasia) and deviations in the transformation from cartilage to bone (osteochondrosis). The consequences for the pup from these ensuing complaints into adult hood can lead to a lot of misery for the animal as well as his owner.

Some of the causes: (hereditary) development disorders of the skeleton: Developmental Joint disease (OJD), a non balanced diet or one that is too rich in energy (protein) during the various growing phases, or an imbalance of certain essential amino acids which are a prerequisite for the building of cartilage, strong bones, connective tissues and ligaments. At a later stage, when the dog is an adult as a result of uneven weight baring of the joint surface there is a higher change of developing premature wear and tear (arthrosis) of the cartilage in the joints.

Hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia.
A pup is not born with hip- or elbow dysplasia. These conditions develop during the growth period and can continue as the dog grows older. Both abnormalities are partly hereditary developmental disorders which can lead to painfulness, lameness and premature 'wear and tear' (arthrosis) of the cartilage in the joints. Via an X-ray these conditions can be clearly diagnosed. The dog is less active due to the pain and because of that the lacks the muscle development around the joints. Not just the hereditary factors play a part with hip- and elbow dysplasia development, but also deficient nourishment plays an essential role. Some breeds run higher risks in obtaining one or both disorders.

Defects in the skeletal development such as Osteochondrosis, or OC in short, are seen in a lot of dog breeds and emerge already at a young age.

With every young animal during the process of developing the cartilage to the eventual bone, towards the end of this process a thin layer of cartilage film is left. Normally this process is finished in the first year, but for the larger breeds this period takes longer.

Various factors play a role in the development of osteochondrosis. Besides hereditary, intensive breeding, injuries and false movement (slippery surface) this includes particularly feeding. Good nutrition already begins with the pregnant bitch. The change to develop osteochondrosis is the highest during the last 3 weeks of gestation. It is therefore important during the entire pregnancy to supplement the bitch with PrimeVal Gelatinaat (ask your supplier).

PrimeVal Puppy Gelatinaat®
PrimeVal Puppy Gelatinaat® is derived from the successful product PrimeVal Gelatinaat® for adult dogs. It is especially formulated and contains no calcium.
A too high an intake of calcium is an important risk factor in the development of osteochondrosis, hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia. Because growing young dogs are unable to sufficiently regulate the calcium intake in their intestines, they can get a built up of undesirable surplus in their body.

PrimeVal Puppy Gelatinaat® contains 100% pure collagen hydrolysate, which contains a special amino acid range. Amino acids combine together in chains of which thousands of combinations are possible. Those special amino acid chains of PrimeVal Puppy Gelatinaat corresponds with the cartilage in the joints of the pup and are the main ingredient of the joint tissues, ligaments and tendons, the skin and coat of the pup. The specific composition of PrimeVal Puppy Gelatinaat lessens to a great degree the change of skeletal- and joint abnormalities.

Amino Acid spectrum:
PrimeVal Puppy Gelatinaat® contains per 100 gram the following amino acids
Alanine 8,9 gram Histidine* 0.8 gram Proline 13,3 gram
Arginine 8,1 gram Hydroxy-lysine 1,0 gram Serine 2,8 gram
Threonine* 1,8 gram Asparagine acid 6,0 gram Tyrosine 0,4 gram
Isoleucine* 1,6 gram Hydroxy-proline 11,7 gram Leucine* 3,0 gram
Fenylalanine 2,0 gram Glutamine zuur 11,0 gram Glycine 17,4 gram
Valine* 2,5 gram Lysine* 3,9 gram
Methione* 0,6 gram

*are essential amino acids

Amino acids, the building blocks of protein, form a peptide chain, which quickly gets absorbed in the guts and taken up into the bloodstream. Amino acids are involved by all the bodily processes, also by the development of a healthy and strong skeletal system. Some amino acids are essential, meaning: the intake is completely dependant on what the pup is fed.

Simply put the PrimeVal Puppy Gelatinaat® makes sure that during the growth period adequate essential building material is present for a sound bone- and cartilage development, but also for the composition of strong connective tissues, ligaments and tendons. At the same time PrimeVal Puppy Gelatinaat contributes to the production of sufficient synovial fluid for continued lubrication of the joints.

PrimeVal Puppy Gelatinaat® is recommended:
· as building material for the skeleton, cartilage, ligaments, tendons, muscles, joints, skin and coat;
· is involved in lessening the chance of developing hip - and elbow dysplasia;
· has a role in reducing the incidence of osteochondrosis (OC);
· assists in a healthy development of the musculoskeletal system of the growing pup;
· aids to develop a shiny and supple coat.
PrimeVal Puppy Gelatinaat contains per 100 gram:
Pharmaceutically pure collagen hydrolysate 99,96 gram
Collagen type II 0,01 gram
Natural flavour: vanillin 0,03 gram

Active ingredients per 7,5 gram scoop:
Collagen hydrolysate 7,497 gram
Collagen type II 0,001 gram

One scoop of 7,5 gram PrimeVal Puppy Gelatinaat contains 29 Kcal.

1 scoop of 7,5 grams per day per pup to avoid hip- and elbow dysplasia, osteochondrosis (OC) and for a sound development of the skeleton. Begin this dosage the moment the puppy begins to eat solid food (at about 8 weeks of age). Simply add PrimeVal Puppy Gelatinaat to the porridge, chunks or dinner. (add some water to moisten)
WARNING: never feed dry in the mouth


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