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Of course you want the best for your horse. You give him the best of care with a balanced feed and plenty of exercise. PrimeVal plays a part in the daily care of your horse(s) whether they are elite athlete in jumping, dressage, cutting, endurance etc, the champion race horse, or the pleasure horse, PrimeVal has a complete range of feed supplements for your horse. From a good multi vitamin supplement to products for a specific purpose, your horse is worth PrimeVal.



PrimeVal Gelatinaat®

PrimeVal Gelatinaat®
5kg & 2 kg
"Europe's Leading joint food supplement!"

For maintaining healthy cartilage, flexible ligaments, tendons and strong bones.

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The new name in stirrup irons!

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PrimeVal Australasia contributes to the RIRDC Equine Research & Development programs


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