Ride safe and in style:

The Safestyle - A step ahead in safety


Finally a stirrup that is truly safe and stylish The Safestyle is innovative, safe, practical and beautiful!

Peace of mind for parents with kids learning to ride. Almost impossible to get hung up.

Great for starting riding again after a long break and your nerves aren't what they used to be!

Leisure riders or professionals, everyone has safety in mind and with Safestyle stirrups you can be assured of being that much safer in case of accidents.

S a f e s t y l e' s design took six years to develop and fine-tune. It is tried and tested with great success at the Dutch national riding centre.

Whether you're a professional or leisure rider, Safestyle not only looks good, it is functional.

Improves your leg position due to its unique shape, angle and weight. This high quality polished stainless steel stirrup is not only safe and stylish, but improves the rider's seat by correctly placing two thirds of the foot to

the outside of the stirrup, whilst its added weight improves lower leg stability. When lost, the Safestyle remains hanging off the saddle correctly so is easy to retrieve. The rubber grip have a strong cut relief ensuring a firm hold.

“ Well worth the money. I used them on a day-trek and loved them.” Kay NZ

“Apart from the safety aspect, I just was so surprised by the improvement in my leg position. I have them on both my saddles.” S. Page – WA

The Safestyle is designed for better performance.

The Safestyle is made of high quality stainless steel and are of the highest workmanship.

The Safestyle is an asset to your saddle.

The Safestyle's shape is developed with durability in mind.

The various widths in the ‘arm' enhances the shock absorption.

EFA & FEI approved –inside measurement 12 cms

Used by professional & leisure riders in Europe, New Zealand and Australia.

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