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Why PrimeVal Gelatinaat®?

PrimeVal Gelatinaat® consists 66.57% of collagen hydrolysate, which consists of special amino acid spectrum. Amino acids are connected with each other in chains with thousands of possible combinations. The special amino acid chain of PrimeVal Gelatinaat® is similar to that of the cartilage and the joints of the horse and is the main substance of the connective tissue, the feet and the skin of horses.How it works...To put it simply PrimeVal Gelatinaat® makes sure that enough lubricating building material (synovial fluid) is produced that the (damaged) cartilage can recover to ensure your horse's swift recovery and the symptoms disappear.


PrimeVal Gelatinaat® is recommended for:
The essential building block for connective tissue, skeletal system, cartilage joints, skin, hair and feet;
Assists horses with Arthrosis, spavins and arthritis;benefits horses with navicular;aids horses with swollen tendons; and strengthens ligaments and muscle connections;benefits horses diagnosed with osteochondrosis (OC);promotes growth and strengthens the hoofwall for horses with and thin walls.brittle feet;beneficial for osteoporosis;For the healthy development of the foetus and maintaining the 'pregnant' mare in good condition;For growing foals, yearlings and two year olds;As a preventative for horses in (hard) work;For strong feet and a shining coat.

How to apply:
In cases with arthrosis (wear and tear) and osteoporosis (calcium depletion), Navicular, spavin, osteochondroses (OC), infections and brittle feet:

- For an fully grown horse weighing between 450 - 550 kilograms: 45-60 grams = 6 -8 scoops per day- For pony's and horses to 450 kilograms: 30 - 45 grams = 4-6 scoops per day.

- As a preventative and as a building block for growing horses and pregnant mares and pony's, the dosage mentioned can be halved. It is recommended to continue this dosage throughout the period of development.
PrimeVal Gelatinaat® can be fed in the daily feed or mixed in a mash. It can also be added to the drinking water. Never apply dry to the horse's mouth.It is highly recommended to continue the dosage for a minimal period of three months for the treatment of arthrosis, OC and OCD, spavin, navicular, osteoporoses, infections and brittle feet.When the symptoms decrease continue as a preventative treatment.
PrimeVal Gelatinaat is a feed supplement and can be used with prescribed veterinary medications.
Warning: PrimeVal Gelatinaat® is not for human consumption

Composition per 7.5 gram (1 scoop)

High quality pharmaceutical collagen hydrolysate 4939 mg
Collagen type II 740 mcg
Elementary Calcium (as calcium titrate) 363 mg
Elementary magnesium (as magnesium titrate) 98 mg
Elementary iron (as ferrous gluconate) 1.6 mg
Vanillin 2.5 mg
A measure (scoop) of PrimeVal Gelatinaat® contains 18.6 kcal and of course vanillin.Amino acid spectrum PrimeVal Gelatinaat contains 65.85% of collagen hydrosylate, which contains a special amino acid spectrum.The amino acid spectrum per 100 gram of PrimeVal Gelatinaat:

Alanine 10.5 g
Histidine* 1.8 g
Arginine 9.9 g
Hydroxylysine 0.9 g
Threonine* 2.1 g
Asparaginezuur 6.7 g
Isoleucine* 1.7 g
Hydroxyproline 11.9 g
Phenylalanine 2.0 g
Glutaminezuur 11.7 g
Valine* 3.0 g
Lysine * 4.1 g
Methionine* 0.5 g
Proline 16.0 g
Serine 3.3 g
Cysteine 0.4 g
Tyrosine 0.4 g
Leucine* 3.4 g
Glycine 27.1 g
Note: The total is actually higher than 100g of essential amino acid.

The amino acids form a peptide chain, which is quickly absorbed in the bloodstream. Amino acids are involved in all body processes, also in the development of a healthy and strong musculoskeletal system. Some of the amino acids are essential, meaning: the intake is totally dependent on the feed intake of the horse. Besides these amino acids is also organic calcium, as it appears in PrimeVal Gelatinaat®, which is very important in the development of strong bones and joints. The foetus, of a pregnant mare who receives too little calcium, is capable to distract the calcium from the mare's skeletal system with the possible result in calcium depletion.
The organic calcium in PrimeVal Gelatinaat® is the best from of calcium to absorb. Reabsorption of calcium in the bones are further improved by the amino acids.

Magnesium is also involved by the synthesis of the muscle and bone structure. It gives the horse enough energy as the magnesium contributes to a strong muscle system, which is heavily affected by joint illnesses. Magnesium is indispensable for a strong heart, it is called the 'heart mineral'. The magnesium in PrimeVal Gelatinaat® is organic and is absorbed very well.

Iron is needed for the production of the colouring in the red blood cells, which provide the whole body of oxygen. A long-term shortage of iron can have influence on the stamina of the horse. Oxygen rich blood is important fort the transportation of essential nutrients to among others, The iron in PrimeVal Gelatinaat® is also of organic origin, extracted from plants.


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